Welcome from the Dean

Dean Danny Chamovitz

Welcome to the website of Tel Aviv University‘s George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences.  Our Faculty is diverse, vibrant, and interactive. Faculty members direct cutting-edge research programs and train students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels.  The study of Life Sciences is as diverse as our research. We offer a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including an exclusive honors program, degrees in biotechnology or ecology, and joint programs in bioinformatics, mathematical biology, Bio-Medicine, neurosciences, etc..


“Interdisciplinarity” is in our DNA; Experts in cell biology, mathematics, computer sciences, nanotechnology and ecology all work together to uncover the incredibly sophisticated mechanisms that allow life to exist.  Individual research programs cover a breadth of biological systems in all Kingdoms of Life. We strive to study life at all levels of hierarchy – from revealing the atomic structures of an individual molecule, through interactions of human or plant cells, to the workings of a complete organisms, and to uncovering the complex interactions in a changing ecosystem.  A unifying goal of our research is to understand the basic mechanisms that control the behaviors of cells, the forms of organisms, and the evolutionary relationships between species. This basic knowledge is as critical for discovering cures for human diseases, as it is for finding ways to feed an ever-growing planet.


The diversity of our Faculty is seen in its individual units: Our 90+ research labs are housed in the three basic research buildings of the Faculty, and in the University Botanical Gardens, the I. Meier Segals Garden for Zoological Research, the Institute for Cereal Crop Improvement, and The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History and National Research Center. Researchers in our Faculty not only interact with each other, but also have strong connections with researchers in other Faculties on campus. We interact with colleagues in Engineering to discover new types of biofuels; we collaborate with social scientists and jurists in studying the roots of global food security; we work hand in hand with psychologists and physicians in comprehensive teams to elucidate the underpinnings of human brain function. 


In all of these activities, our focus is on excellence, and we strive to maintain a level of scientific excitement and involvement that reflects the energy of Tel Aviv, truly a dynamic city.  Please take some time to visit our site and explore the programs, our faculty members' webpages, and our exciting research. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.



Prof. Danny Chamovitz, Dean


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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