Free Windows 10 for students

Students at Tel Aviv University can download and install the Windows 10 software package for free.

The benefit is given to active students only.

For the purpose of using the benefit, a mail address must be used

(Such e-mail address, on @mail server, was opened for all students)


This is a service provided by Microsoft and under the sole responsibility of Microsoft.

Eligibility and procedures are determined by Microsoft.


The benefit is provided without the support of the Computation Division.

If necessary, you can contact KIVUTO by email for support


Pay Attention:

The license is for the life of the computer on which the operating system is installed, and is valid even after graduation.

You can install the product and use the key up to 30 days from the date of initial entry into the site.

After 30 days it will be possible to install the product after a token payment.


Follow the link to install Windows 10 Free for Students

Enter your university student mail and password and click on Sign in

Enter your university e-mail and password


After signing in, click on the Windows 10 purple icon

click on the Windows 10 purple icon


In the next screen click on Add to Cart

Click on Add to cart


In the next screen click on Check Out

Click on Check Out


Next, enter your Office 365 username (which would be your email address) and on Signature type your full name and click Accept

Enter your tau email and your name and click accept


On the next screen click on Proceed With Order

Click on Proceed With Order


You will see the product key, copy it somewhere and keep it safe and then click on Get Started.

Save the product key and click on get started

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