Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology

Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology
Redefining our understanding of microorganisms
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Principal_Investigator Research Topics

Prof. Itai Benhar

Protein-protein interactions,  Protein biotechnology tools, Mechanisms of antibody-antigen recognition, Antibody engineering 
Prof. Judith Berman Judith Berman Lab:  Genome response to stress,  Fungal pathogen Candida albicans response to antifungal drugs, Chromosome structure, Chromosome stability, Integrity and inheritance 
Prof. Tal Dvir Tal Dvir Lab:  Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, Biomaterials for tissue engineering, Nanoelectronics tissue hybrid
Dr. Johann Elbaz  Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, Nanoscale materials and chemicals production in bacteria, Biosensors.
Prof.. Avigdor Eldar Avigdor Eldar Research Group:  Design principles of cooperative behavior in bacteria, Bacterial communication
Prof. Gideon Fleminger Structure-function relationships in Ca+2-binding proteins, Involvement of catalytic peptides in the evolution of biocatalysts, Role of lectins in biorecognition in lichens,  Regulation of peptide activity 
Prof. Ehud Gazit

Molecular structure and self-assembly at the Nano-scale, Amyloid formation and degenerative disease, Role of protein folding and stability in Type I VHL Syndrome, Molecular characterization of a putative novel toxin-antidote system

Prof. Uri Gophna The gut microbiota in health and disease, Horizontal (lateral) gene transfer in the evolution of microorganisms, Archaea
Prof. Eran Halperin Computational-Genetics Group:  Development of computational tools for the analysis of genetic data,  Development of tools that enable and facilitate genetic studies of common complex diseases
Prof. Anat Herskovits Anat Herskovits Lab:   Understanding interactions between bacterial pathogens and the mammalian innate immune system
Prof. Martin Kupiec Yeast genetics, DNA repair, Stability of the eukaryotic genome, Telomeres, TOR protein kinase
Prof. Daniel Segal Conformational diseases such as Alzheimer's and ALS
Prof. Gil Segal The interaction of intracellular bacterial pathogens with their host cells, the regulation and evolution of bacterial pathogenesis systems, host cells pathways manipulated by bacterial pathogens
Dr. Yariv Wine

The Wine Lab: System immunology, In depth antibody repertoire analysis following infection or vaccines using Next Generation sequencing and shotgun proteomics, Trans-placental and breast milk antibody repertoire analysis, Therapeutic antibody discovery

Dr. Adi Stern

Adi Stern Laboratory:  Experimental evolution of RNA viruses, Phylogenomics of virus epidemics, Evolutionary forces that act upon anti-parasite immune genes

Prof. Amihay Freeman
Biomedical applications of enzymes and cells, Bioprocessing aspects of biocatalysis
Prof. Raphael Lamed [Emeritus]

Conversion of biomass to biofuels, Cellulosomes, Microbial Biomass Sensors

Prof. Judith Rishpon [Emeritus]

Novel immunosensors based on enzyme channeling, Biosensors based on enzyme cascades

Prof. Eliora Z. Ron [Emeritus] Regulation of gene expression, Bacterial virulence, Use of bacteria to combat pollution
Prof. Beka Solomon [Emeritus] Biorecognition, Nature of the interactions of antibodies and their corresponding antigens 
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