Prof. Yuehui He

Molecular Biology Ecology of Plants
ביולוגיה מול.ואקול.צמחים אורח
Prof. Yuehui He

Research Interests

1. Molecular epigenetic mechanisms underlying flowering-time regulation

2. Vernalization in Arabidopsis and wheat

3. Plant environmental epigenetics

Selected Publications

1. Li Z, Luo X, Ou Y, Jiao H, Peng L, Fu X, Macho A, Liu R and He Y.* (2021) JASMONATE-ZIM DOMAIN proteins engage Polycomb chromatin modifiers to modulate Jasmonate signaling in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant, 14: 732-747.

2. Luo X, Ou Y, Li R and He Y.* (2020) Maternal transmission of the epigenetic 'memory of winter cold' in Arabidopsis. Nature Plants, 6: 1211-1218.

3. Tao ZHu HLuo XJia BDu J* and He Y.* (2019) Embryonic resetting of the parental vernalized state by two B3 domain transcription factors in Arabidopsis. Nature Plants, 5: 424-435.

4. Li Z, Fu X, Wang Y, Liu R and He Y.* (2018) Polycomb-mediated gene silencing by the BAH-EMF1 complex in plants. Nature Genetics, 50: 1254-1261.

5. Li Z, Jiang D and He Y.* (2018) FRIGIDA establishes a local chromosomal environment for FLOWERING LOCUS C mRNA production. Nature Plants, 4: 836-846. 

6. Li Z, Ou Y, Li J and He Y.* (2018) Brassinosteroid signaling recruits Histone 3 lysine-27 demethylation activity to FLOWERING LOCUS C chromatin to inhibit the floral transition in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant, 11: 1135-1146.

7. He Y* and Li Z. (2018) Epigenetic environmental memories in plants: establishment, maintenance, and reprogramming. Trends in Genetics, 34: 856-866.

8. Tao Z, Shen L, Gu X, Wang Y, Yu H and He Y.* (2017) Embryonic epigenetic reprogramming by a pioneer transcription factor in plants. Nature, 551: 124-128.

9. Yuan W, Luo X, Li Z, Yang W, Wang Y, Liu R, Du J and He Y.* (2016) A cis cold memory element and a trans epigenome reader mediate Polycomb silencing of FLC by vernalization in Arabidopsis. Nature Genetics, 48: 1527-1534.

10. Li Z, Jiang D, Fu X, Luo X, Liu R and He Y.* (2016) Integration of histone methylations with RNA processing by the nuclear mRNA Cap Binding Complex. Nature Plants, 2: 16015.

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