Prof. David Wool

מחלקה לזואולוגיה אמריטוס
Prof. David Wool
Phone: 03-6409807
Fax: 03-6409403
Office: Sherman - Life Sciences, 310


Period (dates) Name of University Subject Degree or award
1961-1964 Tel Aviv University Biology B.Sc.
1964-1966 Tel Aviv University Zoology M.Sc. (Hons.)

University of Kansas,

Lawrence, USA

Entomology Ph.D.

Title of Master's dissertation: Chironomidae (Diptera) from the Hula Nature Reserve, Israel.
Supervisor: Prof. J. Kugler

Title of Doctoral dissertation: Deviations of zygotic frequencies from expectations in eggs ofTribolium castaneum
Supervisor: Prof. R.R. Sokal




Period (dates) Name of Institution Department Rank / Function
1970-1974 Tel Aviv University Zoology Lecturer
1974-1976 Tel Aviv University Zoology Senior Lecturer

University of Reading,


Agriculture Sabbatical
1977-1981 Tel Aviv University Zoology Senior Lecturer
1981-l988 Tel Aviv University Zoology Associate Professor

Michigan State Univ.,


Zoology Sabbatical
1988-2001 Tel Aviv University Zoology Professor

Macquarie University,

Sydney, Australia

Biol. Sci. Sabbatical
2001-present Tel Aviv University Zoology Professor Emeritus
l990-1992 Tel Aviv University Zoology Department Chairman




  1982-1985 BARD ($150,000)
   Genetic manipulation of almond-moth populations as a means of reducing or preventing insecticide resistance

  1986-l990 CDR-AID ($147,000)
   Identification and characterization of genetic strains in Bemisia tabaci




  •   Entomological Society of America
  •   Society for Population Ecology (Japan)
  •   Israel Zoological Society
  •   Israel Entomological Society
  •   Israel Ecological Society

Research Interests

Ecological and population genetics; evolution;
Biology and ecology of gall-forming aphids.

Recent Publications

Wool, D. The driving forces in Evolution - genetical processes in populations. Ramot Publ. Co. l985 (in Hebrew).


Wool, D. The Driving Forces in Evolution – genetical processes in populations Science Publishers, Enfield, NH , 2006


Refereed Articles

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