PhD at the NBB School

The School of Neurobiology, Biochemistry and Biophysics invites outstanding Graduates from around the world to apply for our Ph.D Programs.

Graduates with a master's degree, a minimum cumulative grade of 80, and a master's thesis grade of at least 85 may apply for studies leading to a PhD.  Students who have completed their undergraduate studies with distinction may apply directly to the PhD.  Some departments have additional requirements, and students should visit the department page before applying. Prospective students are advised to find a faculty mentor from one of the departments before their interview.

Application for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree 

Initially, PhD student candidates apply directly to the departmental faculty members (group leaders). If the faculty person and student agree that there is a good match, then the candidate makes a formal application to the departmental doctoral committee. 

For new applicants, please contact Naama Chen-Gil, second and third-degree candidates secretary at the school.

The following items are submitted to the departmental office:

  1. Application form
  2. Curriculum vitae including publication list.
  3. Transcripts from the BSc and MSc degrees or equivalents (Official transcripts are not required if the applicant can obtain online transcripts).
  4. Copy of the MSc degree or an official letter indicating.
  5. MSc thesis abstract.
  6. Two letters of recommendation, preferably one from the MSc thesis advisor.
  7. Letter of acceptance by the intended PhD advisor. 


The departmental office will schedule an interview on the applicant's behalf with the departmental doctoral committee. The committee will evaluate the applicant and inform him/her of the committee's decision, soon after the interview process.


Requirements for admission to the department

For new applicants, please contact Naama Chen-Gil, second and third-degree candidates secretary at the school.

Completion of a MSc or equivalent in the natural sciences (exact or life) with an average not lower than 80. Where applicable, the minimal grade for the MSc thesis is 85.

Guidelines for Writing a Doctoral Research Proposal, Progress Reports, and Final Report Submission of Reports >> 


General Information 

All PhD students receive funding i.e. a stipend. Many, but not all, also are partially employed as teaching assistants for departmental undergraduate courses.

The faculty provides an option for a direct PhD program. The initial requirements for this option are equivalent to application for the MSc. 

Upon acceptance of the candidate, he/she can begin his/her studies immediately. In principle, start dates for doctoral studies can be at any time of the year.

After one year, the student is expected to submit a research proposal which is reviewed by a committee formed to track the student's progress. The proposal submission may be delayed up to another year but must be submitted before the end of the student's second year, otherwise he/she may not continue. The student may submit his doctoral thesis after his/her third year but most students finish by the end of the fourth or fifth year. The stipend may not continue beyond the fifth year. 

The current PhD Faculty committee chairman is Dr. Yariv Wine, the Graduate School Coordinator is Ilona Chasid. Please feel welcome to contact her for more details.

Department of Neurobiology PhD students committee chairperson - Prof. Dan Frenkel    

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology PhD students committee chairperson - Prof. Dinorah Friedmann-Morvinski    

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