Agilent 4200 TapeStation system

The Agilent 4200 TapeStation system is an established automated electrophoresis tool for DNA and RNA sample quality control. Fully automated sample processing enables the unattended analysis of size, concentration and integrity. 

The TapeStation is a standard tool used during Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) experiments.

  • Used to determine RNA and DNA integrity before library preparation (RNA integrity number, RIN and DNA integrity number, DIN)
  • Used for size analysis of prepared libraries before high-throughput sequencing
  • Only 1-2 µL of sample is needed for analysis
  • Agilent ScreenTapes can be used to analyze 1 to 96 samples at each run

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Available assay kits:


Assay kit Size range  Concentration range Loading volume
D1000 35 - 1,000 bp 0.1 - 50 ng/µl 1 µl
High Sensitivity D1000*  35 - 1,000 bp 10 -1000 pg/µl 2 µl
D5000  100 - 5,000 bp 0.1 - 50 ng/µl 1 µl
High Sensitivity D5000  100 - 5,000 bp 10 -1000 pg/µl 2 µl
genomic DNA 200 to >60,000 bp 10 - 100 ng/µl 1 µl


Assay kit Organism Concentration range Loading volume
RNA Eukaryote or Prokaryote 25 - 500 ng/µl 1 µl
High Sensitivity RNA*  Eukaryote or Prokaryote 500 - 10,000 pg/µl 2 µl

*Reagents and plastics are available for purchase at the Genomics Research Unit. 



When using the TapeStation system, dedicated Agilent plastics must be used!!



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