GE Healthcare Densitometer

GE Healthcare Densitometer


Manufacturer: Pharmacia

Location: Britanya 15

Internal User Price: 3.5NIS/hour

External User Price: 5$/scan

Acquisition Date: 2000








ImageQuant™ TL is the most automatic and easy-to-use general image analysis software. It offers four separate functional areas within one product:

  • 1-D electrophoresis gels.
  •  Dot blots, microplates, and basic arrays.
  • Colony counting and measurement of 2-D spots and other image features.
  • Toolbox to analyze gels with user-defined objects.

Its high level of automation throughout allows for fully automatic analysis of 1-D gels¾including lane creation, background subtraction, band detection, molecular weight calibration, quantity calibration, and normalization¾in a matter of a few seconds. This ensures high reproducibility.



1-D Analysis

ImageQuant™ TL has a redesigned interface, which increases automation and ease of use.

  • Fully automatic lane and band detection and quantitation for up to four channels.
  • Compatible with multitiered gels
  • Advanced automatic background subtraction including ''rolling disk'' method.
  • De-smiling of gels and de-grimacing of lanes.
  • Normalization and quantity calibration with many regression curves.
  • Molecular weight calibration across up to four channels.


Array analysis
ImageQuant™ TL can be used for dot and slot blots, microplates, and other arrays and grids.

  • Automatic creation of grids with up to 1536 independent cells allows fast analysis of high throughput microplates.
  • Grid can be stretched or distorted.
  • Spot size and position adjustable for individual spots. Both features help to analyze distorted arrays, e.g. membrane arrays or manually spotted arrays.
  • Normalization, presence flagging, and quality factor allow for easy assessment of results.


Colony Counting and 2-D spot measurement
We have incorporated the 2-D spot detection algorithm of ImageMaster™ into ImageQuant™ TL to enable accurate and reproducible identification, measurement and background subtraction on images containing colonies and spots. This can be very useful for colony counting, detection, and measurement of 2-D spots and measurement of other image features. Currently, the colony counting module does not support multichannel files.


Analysis Toolbox
The Toolbox modules can be used to analyze samples that do not fit any of the above categories. ImageQuant™ Solutions users will find all the familiar tools they used with previous versions of ImageQuant™ in this module. Toolbox requires the manual definition of objects for quantitation.

  • Palette of tools including rectangle, ellipse, polygon, freeform and autotracer.
  • Auto-tracer objects can be further edited.
  • Wide choice of background correction methods.
  • Wide choice of measurement statistics.
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