In our school, several groups perform biotechnology driven studies.


We study microalgae and higher plants. In this kind of research, TAU scientists are developing novel ways for production of high value chemicals and commodities such as biofuels. The engineering attempts are made via genetically modifying molecular mechanisms such as photosynthesis or stress related responses.


The outcome of such initiatives are strains with ability to grow faster or capability to face harsh abiotic challenges such as high light, drought or pathogens.


In our quest to gain green chemistry and circular economy, we study and develop the tool kit allowing the wiring of exogenous enzymes to the photosynthetic apparatus such that its natural capability to supply reducing power will be exploited to new chemistries in algae and plants.


Researchers in the field: 


Prof. Iftach Yacoby


Prof. Adi Avni


Dr. Haim Treves


Dr. Roy Weinstain


Dr. Nir Sade


Prof. Shaul Yalovsky


Prof. Eilon Shani


Prof. Amir Sharon


Prof. Guido Sessa

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