Prof. Amir Sharon

ביולוגיה מול.ואקול.צמחים סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Amir Sharon
Phone: 03-6406741
External phone: 04-6230266
Fax: 03-6405498
Office: Britannia-Porter, 535


I received my PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1991 and joined the Life Science Faculty at Tel Aviv University in 1994, after a post doctorate at Cornell University, NY. My fields of study were plant pathology and mycology, with emphasis on fungal-plant interactions.


Research Interests

My interest lies in understanding how fungal development is regulated at the cellular and molecular levels and how it reflects on the interaction of fungi with other organisms, particularly plants. Current projects are focused on analysis of fungal apoptosis and the role that it plays in disease development, basic mechanisms underlying pathogenicity of necrotrophic fungi, and study of endophytes in wheat-related wild grasses.


Our goals are:

  • To generate detailed knowledge of fungal apoptotic networks in order to develop novel antifungal compounds that will target the apoptotic machinery
  • To determine the role of apoptosis in fungal pathogenicity


Specific topics:

  • Genomic and bioinformatics analyses of the plant pathogen Botrytis cinerea to identify proteins of the apoptotic network.
  • Elucidating the roles of specific apoptotic proteins using genetic, molecular and biochemical approaches:
  • Screens for identification of compounds that target the fungal apoptotic machinery and might be used for development of novel antifungal drugs


Additional projects:

  • Genetic analysis of Botrytis-Arabidopsis interaction
  • Regulation of spore germination
  • A server for identification of fungal proteins. We have developed a database and an automated search program to identify fungal homologs of proteins and domains from other organisms. You are welcome to try it at the following link:


Recent Publications

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