Biochemistry (in English)

The mission of the Biochemistry track is to educate and train students in a wide range of areas in molecular and cell biology, including structural biology, membrane biology, cell signaling, developmental biology, stem cell biology and regeneration.




About the Program


The Biochemistry track offers the opportunity for students to learn advanced techniques as well as theoretical concepts in molecular and cell biology. Topics range from structural biology to cancer biology, from the molecular level, through the cell level and up to the tissue level.



Why Biochemistry?


Students will enjoy a flexible program where they can focus their courses on areas in molecular/cell biology most relevant to their research.



Program Chair


Research in our lab combines molecular and stem cell biology approaches with advanced imaging and statistical analysis, to decipher basic questions in cell fate decisions, stem cell differentiation and development. Interestingly, cells know how to integrate external cues (mechanical and biochemical) with their internal state to reach a decision, in development or disease. We try to understand the rules behind these decisions.


Modern research in molecular and cell biology requires interdisciplinary skills in both experimental methods and strong analytical skills. Our program aims to offer a wide array of experimental, theoretical and analytical tools for the aspiring researcher in molecular and cell biology.


Iftach Nachman



The curriculum consists of 30 hours in addition to practical research in the lab.




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