Projects for BA Students

updated: 10.10.2021


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Project Title: MSc. / PhD degree - Phylogenetic survey of (all) Israeli reptiles  

Primary Investigator: Prof. Shai Meiri

Contact Name: Prof. Shai Meiri


Phone:  03-6409811 

Beginning Date: 02/01/2022 

More Details: The Project will involve both lab and field work - and bioinformatics 



Project Title: MSc. / PhD degree - Effects of climate change on Plant Community dynamics 

Primary Investigator: Prof. Marcelo Sternberg 

Contact Name:Prof. Marcelo Sternberg 


Phone:  03-6405877

Beginning Date: 15/09/2017

More Details: 






Project Title: Heart rate and metabolism in flying fruit bats 

Primary Investigator:Dr Yossi Yovel 

Contact Name: Dr Shannon E Currie 


Phone:  054-3031771

Beginning Date: 01/12/2016

More Details: We are measuring heart rate for the first time in free flying fruit bats using miniaturized ECG devices.
I need a student to be involved in collection of ECG data in captive bats and training bats to fly in along a flight tunnel.
​We will also be attaching devices to wild bats to measure their heart rate when they are foraging. 




Project Title: Antibody repertoire analysis

Primary Investigator: Dr. Yariv Wine

Contact Name: Dr. Yariv Wine


Phone:  03-6408723

Beginning Date: 05/11/2016

More Details:  If you are interested in working in a laboratory that conducts science with state-of-the-art technologies - your place is with us !. We are looking for highly motivated students with background in bioinformatics. The project will include analyzing data obtained from next generation sequencing of B cells. Preferable background in python. Please contact Dr. Wine for additional information 





Project Title: Elucidating plant targets of bacterial type III effector proteins

Primary Investigator: Prof. Guido Sessa

Contact Name: Prof.Guido Sessa


Contact Phone:  03-6409766

Beginning Date:  01/11/2016

More Details:  Plant pathogenic bacteria utilize a type III secretion system to deliver effector proteins directly into the plant cell. Once inside the cell, effectors subvert plant cellular processes to the benefit of the pathogen and contribute to the development of disease. A central avenue of our research is the molecular characterization of type III secreted effectors of the bacterium Xanthomonas, the study of their mode of action and the identification of their plant targets. A main working hypothesis is that genetic manipulation of host targets may render the plant more resistant, weaken the ability of the pathogen to cause disease, and pave the way to biotechnological applications. In our investigation we utilize molecular biology techniques, biochemistry and genetic tools. 





Project Title: Effect of hypertension of neurovascular coupling

Primary Investigator: Dr. Pablo Blinder

Contact Name:  Dr. Davi Kain


Phone:  03-6405621

Beginning Date:  01/10/2016

More Details:  We investigate the effect of changes in blood flow (hyper and hypo-tension) on the coupling between cortical neurons and blood vessels. The project involves a wide array of techniques, mainly histology and in-vivo two-photon microscopy. 




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