M.Sc. Degree (Graduate Studies)

The M.Sc. degree in Zoology is a research degree that requires the presentation of a written thesis.

Learning Zoology
Learning Zoology

It is possible to study for an M.Sc. degree in Zoology in any one of the fields researched by our members of the academic staff at the School: ecology, evolution, behaviour, marine biology, nature conservation, nature-inspired technology, taxonomy and systematics, physiology and human-environment interrelations.


Because an M.Sc. in Zoology is a research degree, the first – and most important – stage is to seek a supervisor and laboratory from among the staff members. It is advised to approach directly those researchers at the School of Zoology whose research subjects relate to your own interests, and to arrange to meet them in person. On the Faculty website you can find a list of all the heads of laboratories according to their specific fields.  In the section presenting research fields, you can find the list of researchers according to their specific scientific studies.


After you have found a supervisor, you need to register on the University registration website and with the School’s secretariat.  You should prepare a list of your grades and a certificate of eligibility to study for a degree.  Admission to the M.Sc. track in Life Sciences is conditional upon a minimum grade average of 80 in your B.Sc. studies (the School has the right to determine additional conditions), and upon finding a supervisor.


M.Sc. students in the School generally choose one of the two main tracks: zoology or ecology and environmental quality.  Students can also choose a different track from among the 11 possible study tracks for an M.Sc. at the Faculty.


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Candidates for admission to the School of Zoology should include Form 26  in their registration material. 



The Zoology Track

The zoology track is intended for students with a background in biology.  Its aim is to provide the students with training  in integrative zoology, a broad and deep knowledge of all the main animal groups and experience in a variety of the approaches and methods that are applied in zoological research.


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The Ecology & Environmental Quality Track (including studies in English)

The ecology and environmental quality track promotes basic and applied ecology research, from the molecular level to macro-ecology.  Its aim is to function to protect the environment for ourselves and for the generations to follow.  Our graduates act to promote science, to preserve biological diversity, to improve resilience and stability in the face of global changes and to establish healthy ecosystems.


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