High Throughput Bioinformatics (NGS) and Genomics

We specialize in high-throughput experiment design and analysis, from objectives to quality controls of experiment and interpretation of the analyzed data. We aim at effectively answer biological questions. Planning of high-throughput experiments is an integral and the most important part of performing good analysis later, and is therefore a key factor in obtaining good results. We inspect biological systems with a broad view, and integrate high-throughput results with other bioinformatics topics we routinely use, such as regulation of transcription and gene expression, proteomics, microRNA gene regulation, gene and pseusogene homology, and on top of all downstream analysis of gene function and pathways involved. We also consult in choosing the best genes\proteins for further validation assays, based on Bioinformatics considerations. We use widely accepted Bioinformatics software cited in top publications, such as the commercial Partek Flow and Partek Genomics Suite. In addition, we use freely available and updated various web-based tools. Analysis is performed on strong PCs and Linux serves.

  • Information about NGS analysis.
  • Information about microarray analysis.
  • Analysis of Mass specrometry.

High throughput submission form.

Tips for experimental design for expression analysis


We are greatful for the Faculty of Life Science and the Sackler School of Medicine for supporting us.


For high-throughput consultation please contact us at the TAU Faculty of Life Science:

Bioinformatics Unit: Dr. Metsada Pasmanik-Chor   Tel: 03-6406992 

The Genomic Research Unit:          Dr. Hila Kobo   Tel: 03-6409238


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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