Wyatt MALS (Multi Angle Light Scattering) Photometer

Manufacturer: Wyatt Technology

Location: Britanya 11

Internal User Price:48NIS/hour

External User Price: 100$/hour

Acquisition Date: 2009




18-angle light scattering detector for the measurement of absolute molecular weight, size, and conformation of macromolecules in solution. The DAWN® HELEOST II may be used in batch mode (off-line) or connected on-line to an HPLC/HPSEC/AFFF, etc..
The DAWN® HELEOST II utilizes a 120mW solid-state laser operating at 658 nm and also has on-board digital signal processing hardware for up to four external devices such as RI and/or UV detectors.
​Also contains an analog output from the 90° detector for interfacing to strip chart recorders. The DAWN® HELEOST II has a gorgeous 64,000 color LCD display, thermostatic control options, depolarization options, and the ability to interface to high temperature GPC systems like the PL210 and Waters Alliance 2000. On-board analog-to-digital conversion with Ethernet communication for data acquisition.


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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