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Selected Publications
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Prof. Irit Gat and Prof. Eran Bacharach

Distinct gene programs underpinning disease tolerance and resistance in influenza virus infection >>

Prof. Itai Benhar

Reciprocal interactions between innate immune cells and astrocytes facilitate neuroinflammation and brain metastasis via lipocalin-2 >>

Dr. David (Dudu) Burstein

Deciphering microbial gene function using natural language processing >>

Rapid and sensitive on-site genetic diagnostics of pest fruit flies using CRISPR-Cas12a >>

Prof. Marcelo Ehrlich and Prof. Eran Bacharach

Mapping of Tilapia Lake Virus entry pathways with inhibitors reveals dependence on dynamin activity and cholesterol but not endosomal acidification >>

Prof. Ehud Gazit

Exploring Helical Peptides and Foldamers for the Design of Metal Helix Frameworks: Current Trends and Future Perspectives >>

Peptide Self-Assembled Nanocarriers for Cancer Drug Delivery >>

Entropically-Driven Co-assembly of l-Histidine and l-Phenylalanine to Form Supramolecular Materials >>

Design of Functional RGD Peptide-Based Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering >>

Racemic Amino Acid Assembly Enables Supramolecular β-Sheet Transition with Property Modulations >>

Fmoc-diphenylalanine gelating nanoarchitectonics: A simplistic peptide self-assembly to meet complex applications >>

Intrinsic fluorescence of nucleobase crystals >>

Prof. Uri Gophna

Mining metatranscriptomes reveals a vast world of viroid-like circular RNAs >>

Strains Colonizing Different Intestinal Sites within an Individual Are Derived from a Single Founder Population >>

An archaeal Cas3 protein facilitates rapid recovery from DNA damage >>

Prof. Martin Kupiec

A Role for the Interactions between Polδ and PCNA Revealed by Analysis of pol3-01 Yeast Mutants >>

Effects of Defective Unloading and Recycling of PCNA Revealed by the Analysis of ELG1 Mutants >>

The polyHIS Tract of Yeast AMPK Coordinates Carbon Metabolism with Iron Availability >>

The cohesin complex of yeasts: sister chromatid cohesion and beyond >>

Regulation of yeast Snf1 (AMPK) by a polyhistidine containing pH sensing module >>

Prof. Tal Pupko

An Approximate Bayesian Computation Approach for Modeling Genome Rearrangements >>

The evolutionary dynamics that retain long neutral genomic sequences in face of indel deletion bias: a model and its application to human introns >>

Using evolutionary data to make sense of macromolecules with a "face-lifted" ConSurf >>

Prof. Miguel Weil

Elongator promotes neuritogenesis via regulation of tau stability through acly activity >>

Perturbed actin cap as a new personalized biomarker in primary fibroblasts of Huntington’s disease patients >>

Prof. Vered Padler-Karavani

Oxidative Stress in Structural Valve Deterioration: A Longitudinal Clinical Study >>

Dr. Ayala Lampel

Peptide and Protein Self-Assembly and Interactions >>

Tuning the Dynamics of Viral-Factories-Inspired Compartments Formed by Peptide-RNA Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation >>

Tuning the Dynamics of Viral-Factories-Inspired Compartments Formed by Peptide-RNA Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation >>

Multicomponent System of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized with a Melanin-Inspired Material for Optical Detection and Scavenging of Metals >>

Biomolecular condensates formed by designer minimalistic peptides >>

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