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Prof. Eran Bachrach & Prof. Irit Gat-Viks
  • "The host transcriptional response to superinfection by influenza A virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae" - Read Article >>

Dr. Daniel Ben Halevy
  • "Epigenetic repression of antiviral genes by SARS-CoV-2 NSP1" - Read Article >>
  • "Loss of Lamin A leads to the nuclear translocation of AGO2 and compromised RNA interference" - Read Article >> 
Prof. Judith Berman
  • "Step-wise evolution of azole resistance through copy number variation followed by KSR1 loss of heterozygosity in Candida albicans" - Read Article >>
  • "Metabolic sensing tips the balance of drug tolerance in fungal meningitis" - 
    Read Article >>
Dr. David Burstein
  • "GeNLP: a web tool for NLP-based exploration and prediction of microbial gene function" - Read Article >>

  • "WarA, a remote homolog of NpmA and KamB from Nocardia wallacei, confers broad spectrum aminoglycoside resistance in Nocardia and Mycobacteria" - Read Article >>
Dr. David Burstein & Prof. Adi Stern
  • "Using big sequencing data to identify chronic SARS-Coronavirus-2 infections" - 
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Prof. Avigdor Eldar
  • "Arbitrium communication controls phage lysogeny through non-lethal modulation of a host toxin-antitoxin defence system" - Read Article >>
Prof. Ehud Gazit
  • "Chapter Eight - Characterization of amyloid-like metal-amino acid assemblies with remarkable catalytic activity" - Read Article >>
  • "High Quantum Yield Amino Acid Carbon Quantum Dots with Unparalleled Refractive Index" - Read Article >>
  • "Preventing biofilm formation and eradicating pathogenic bacteria by Zn doped histidine derived carbon quantum dots" - Read Article >>
  • "Targeting phenylalanine assemblies as a prospective disease-modifying therapy for phenylketonuria" - Read Article >>
  • "Minimalistic Peptide Assemblies for Sustainable Optoelectronics" - Read Article >>
  • "Piezoelectric Self-assembling Peptides for Engineering Applications" - Read Article >>
  • "Co-Assembly of Cancer Drugs with Cyclo-HH Peptides: Insights from Simulations and Experiments" - Read Article >>
  • "Ordered planar plating/stripping enables deep cycling zinc metal batteries" -
    Read Article >>
  • "Mind your marker: the effect of common auxotrophic markers on complex traits in yeast" - Read Article >>
  • "Aromatic short peptide architectonics: Assembly and engineering" - Read Article >>
Prof. Dan Peer
  • "The immunostimulatory nature of mRNA lipid nanoparticles" - Read Article >> 
  • "Endosomal escape: A bottleneck for LNP-mediated therapeutics" - Read Article >>
Prof. Tal Pupko
  • "Statistical framework to determine indel-length distribution" -  Read Article >>
Prof. Gil Segal
  • "The LysR-type transcriptional regulator LelA co-regulates various effectors in different Legionella species" - Read Article >>
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