Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Prof. Tal PupkoProf. Tal Pupko – Evolution and Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics. Molecular evolution using probabilistic

evolutionary models, computational microbiology,

solving biological problems using machine

learning, e.g., predicting effector proteins in pathogenic

bacteria, and immunoformatics.

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Dr. David Burstein

Dr. David (Dudu) Burstein – Computational Microbiology

Discovery of CRISPR-Cas systems and

novel antibiotic resistance genes

using metagenomics, machine-learning,

and experimental assays.

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Dr. Irit Gat-ViksProf. Irit Gat-Viks- Computational Genetics

Computational genetics, genomics, and

immunology. Understanding infectious,

metabolic and cardiovascular disease.

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Dr. Tzachi HagaiDr. Tzachi Hagai – Genomics of Host-Virus Interactions

Evolution of the immune system; Molecular

mechanisms and evolution of host-pathogen

interactions; Manipulation and

dysregulation of host defence by pathogens;

Genetics of the immune response and

autoimmunity in humans


Dr. Adi Stern

Dr. Adi Stern – Evolution and Virology

Experimental evolution of RNA viruses,

Phylogenomics of virus epidemics,

Evolutionary forces that act upon

anti-parasite immune genes.

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Dr. Adi Stern

Dr. Aldema Sas-Chen 

RNA-based mechanisms of gene regulation and investigates the impact of RNA modificationson shaping cellular processes in health and disease 
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