The Shmunis School is the home for Biotechnology reserch. Meet our top researchers in the field


Prof. Itai BenharProf. Itai Benhar – Antibody Engineering

Antibody discovery for treating cancer,

autoimmunity, allergy and inflammation.

Novel formats of bispecific antibodies for

treating disease. Targeted nanomedicines.



Prof. Tal DvirProf. Tal Dvir – Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering and regenerative

medicine, Fabrication strategies and

biomaterials for tissue engineering,

Microelectronic-tissue hybrid.

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Prof. Ehud GazitProf. Ehud Gazit – Bionanotechnology

Molecular structure and self-assembly at the

Nano-scale, Amyloid formation and degenerative

disease, Inborn error of metabolism disorders,

Bionanotechnology: Technological applications

of peptide and metabolite assemblies.

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Dr. Ayala LampelDr. Ayala Lampel – Biomolecular Nanotechnology

Spatiotemporal confinement of molecular

self-assembly and enzymatic catalysis;

Structure-function relationships governing

membraneless organelles; Biomaterials design

utilizing supramolecular order/disorder

Lab Website:


Prof. Dan Peer

Prof. Dan Peer – Nanomedicine

Nanomedicine and personalized therapeutics;

manipulation of inflammatory cells and cancers

using RNA molecules; Studying the interaction

of nanomaterials with the immune system

Lab Website:


Dr. Yariv WineDr. Yariv Wine – System Immunology

Studying antibody repertoire following infection or

Vaccination. Focusing on trans-placental and breast

milk antibody repertoire, development of antibacterial

therapeutic antibodies, the role of tumour infiltrating B

cells, immune response following congenital

cytomegalovirus (cCMV) infection, anti-drug antibodies

(ADA) following treatment with biologic drugs.

                                                       Lab Website:


Prof. Daniel WreschnerProf. Daniel Segal – Neurodegenerative diseases

Aggregative amyloidogenic proteins involved in

neurodegenerative diseases – analysis of their

structure and discovery of small molecules

and peptidomimetics to inhibit their toxic


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