Cancer, Cell Biology, and Immunology

The Shmunis School is the home for Cancer, Cell Biology, and Immunology reserch. Meet our top reserches in the field

Cancer, Cell Biology, and Immunology

Prof. Adit Ben-Baruch

Prof. Adit Ben-Baruch – Immunology, Cancer Biology

Research of inflammatory/immune

modules and stromal interactions in malignancy;

Therapeutic modalities in breast cancer

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Prof. Marcelo Ehrlich

Prof. Marcelo Ehrlich – Cancer Cell Biology

Integrative signalling responses in cancer and

virus-cell interactions. Cell autonomous

immunity. Oncolytic virotherapy.

Transforming growth factor superfamily signaling.




Prof. Orna Elroy-SteinProf.  Orna Elroy-Stein – Gene Expression Regulation

Regulation of gene expression in mammalian cells at

the level of mRNA translation; translation during

mitosis; Effect of translation dysregulation on

metabolism, myelination and neurodegeneration.

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Prof. Jonathan M. GershoniProf. Jonathan M. Gershoni – Immunology and vaccines

B-cell response towards Viruses, phage display of

peptide libraries and computational algorithms.

Development of novel diagnostics and vaccines.




Prof. Martin Kupiec 

Prof. Martin Kupiec – Molecular Genetics

Stability of the eukaryotic genome, mutations and

chromosomal amplifications. Epigenetic memory

Telomere biology. DNA repair and replication.

Yeast genetics. The TOR protein kinase.

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Dr. Tzachi HagaiDr. Tzachi Hagai – Genomics of Host-Virus Interactions

Evolution of the immune system; Molecular

mechanisms and evolution of host-pathogen

interactions; Manipulation and

dysregulation of host defence by pathogens;

Genetics of the immune response and autoimmunity in humans




Prof. Mia HorowitzProf. Mia Horowitz – Human Genetics

Molecular association between Gaucher

and Parkinson diseases in fly models;

Gaucher disease and Lysosomal diseases

in fly models.




Prof. Gerardo Z. LederkremerProf. Gerardo Lederkremer – Cell Biology

Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) protein folding,

misfolding and degradation; ER stress;

Huntington’s disease and other neurodegenerative

protein misfolding diseases.

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Dr. Lior Mayo

Dr. Lior Mayo – Neuroimmunology

Mechanisms of autoimmunity, inflammation and cancer

in the central nervous system; immunometabolism;

Developing new therapies.

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Dr. Vered Padler-Karavani

Dr. Vered Padler Karavani – Glycoimmunology

Glycobiology, immunology, bio-nanotechnology and

medicine. Immune recognition of carbohydrates incancer,

autoimmunity and heart diseases, development of novel

diagnostics and therapies for such diseases.

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Dr. Aldema Sas-Chen

Dr. Aldema Sas-Chen 

RNA-based mechanisms of gene regulation and investigates the impact of RNA modifications on shaping cellular processes in health and disease

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Prof. Miguel WeilProf. Miguel Weil – Neurodegenerative Diseases

Patient cells modelling of disease; High content analysis

screening for drug discovery; Disease specific Biomarkers;

Rare Diseases; Familial Dysautonomia; Amyotrophic

Lateral Sclerosis; Glycogen Storage Disorders;

personalized medicine



Prof. Isaac P. Witz Prof. Isaac P. Witz – Cancer research

Metastasis in cancer. Interactions between

cancer cells and their microenvironment in

metastasis formation. Novel cancer therapy


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Prof. Daniel H. Wreschner

Prof. Daniel Wreschner – Cell Biology

Molecular analysis of the human cancer cell

with special emphasis on membrane proteins;

Tumor-associated antigens; Ligand-receptor

interactions and cell signaling.



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