Cancer, Cell Biology, and Immunology

Cancer, Cell Biology, and Immunology

Prof. Adit Ben-Baruch

Prof. Adit Ben-Baruch – Immunology, Cancer Biology

Research of inflammatory/immune

modules and stromal interactions in malignancy;

Therapeutic modalities in breast cancer

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Prof. Marcelo Ehrlich

Prof. Marcelo Ehrlich – Cancer Cell Biology

Integrative signalling responses in cancer and

virus-cell interactions. Cell autonomous

immunity. Oncolytic virotherapy.

Transforming growth factor superfamily signaling.




Prof. Orna Elroy-SteinProf.  Orna Elroy-Stein – Gene Expression Regulation

Regulation of gene expression in mammalian cells at

the level of mRNA translation; translation during

mitosis; Effect of translation dysregulation on

metabolism, myelination and neurodegeneration.

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Prof. Jonathan M. GershoniProf. Jonathan M. Gershoni – Immunology and vaccines

B-cell response towards Viruses, phage display of

peptide libraries and computational algorithms.

Development of novel diagnostics and vaccines.




Dr. Tzachi HagaiDr. Tzachi Hagai – Genomics of Host-Virus Interactions

Evolution of the immune system; Molecular

mechanisms and evolution of host-pathogen

interactions; Manipulation and

dysregulation of host defence by pathogens;

Genetics of the immune response and autoimmunity in humans




Prof. Mia HorowitzProf. Mia Horowitz – Human Genetics

Molecular association between Gaucher

and Parkinson diseases in fly models;

Gaucher disease and Lysosomal diseases

in fly models.




Prof. Gerardo Z. LederkremerProf. Gerardo Lederkremer – Cell Biology

Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) protein folding,

misfolding and degradation; ER stress;

Huntington’s disease and other neurodegenerative

protein misfolding diseases.

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Dr. Lior Mayo

Dr. Lior Mayo – Neuroimmunology

Mechanisms of autoimmunity, inflammation and cancer

in the central nervous system; immunometabolism;

Developing new therapies.

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Dr. Vered Padler-Karavani

Dr. Vered Padler Karavani – Glycoimmunology

Glycobiology, immunology, bio-nanotechnology and

medicine. Immune recognition of carbohydrates incancer,

autoimmunity and heart diseases, development of novel

diagnostics and therapies for such diseases.

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Dr. Aldema Sas-Chen

Dr. Aldema Sas-Chen 

RNA-based mechanisms of gene regulation and investigates the impact of RNA modifications on shaping cellular processes in health and disease

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Prof. Miguel WeilProf. Miguel Weil – Neurodegenerative Diseases

Patient cells modelling of disease; High content analysis

screening for drug discovery; Disease specific Biomarkers;

Rare Diseases; Familial Dysautonomia; Amyotrophic

Lateral Sclerosis; Glycogen Storage Disorders;

personalized medicine



Prof. Isaac P. Witz Prof. Isaac P. Witz – Cancer research

Metastasis in cancer. Interactions between

cancer cells and their microenvironment in

metastasis formation. Novel cancer therapy


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Prof. Daniel H. Wreschner

Prof. Daniel Wreschner – Cell Biology

Molecular analysis of the human cancer cell

with special emphasis on membrane proteins;

Tumor-associated antigens; Ligand-receptor

interactions and cell signaling.



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