The Shmunis School is the home for microbiological research. Meet our top reserches in the field


From the understanding of biological principles to discovering how bacteria, fungi, and viruses influence human health and the environment, the Shmunis School is a hub for groundbreaking research in microbiology.


Our scientists are deciphering how microorganisms evolve, communicate, interact within themselves and with their hosts, or using yeast as a model organism to unravel the mysteries of DNA replication and DNA repair mechanisms.


Our virology researchers have contributed significantly to the understanding of the role of viruses in the development and spreading of diseases, for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, or in agriculture. They also discovered whole families of previously unknown viruses, explore how viruses can influence the pathogenicity of bacteria, or how they can be used to battle cancer.


Our labs lead the study of the evolution of drug resistance both in bacteria and fungi, unraveling how deadly bacteria react to the environment, and investigating how the microbiome is involved in the development of chronic diseases. Read more about our leading scientists and their research.


Read more about our leading scientists and their research >>

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