The Shmunis School is the home for microbiological research. Meet our top reserches in the field


Prof. Eran BacharachProf. Eran Bacharach – Virology and Immunology

Molecular biology of disease-causing,

human and veterinary

RNA viruses, host virus interactions.






Prof. Judith BermanProf. Judith Berman – Genetics

Antifungal drug tolerance and

resistance, chromosome stability,

cell and population dynamics

pathogenic yeast models



Lab Website: http://www6.tau.ac.il/berman/


Dr. David Burstein

Dr. David (Dudu) Burstein – Computational Microbiology

Discovery of CRISPR-Cas systems and

novel antibiotic resistance genes

using metagenomics, machine-learning,

and experimental assays.



Lab Website: http://www.tau.ac.il/~davidbur


Prof. Avigdor EldarProf. Avigdor Eldar – Microbiology

Systems biology and evolution.

Cooperation and communication in

microbial communities and complex




Lab Website: https://www.eldarmicrolab.com/


Prof. Uri Gophna

Prof. Uri Gophna – Microbial Ecology

Evolutionary roles of CRISPR-Cas

The microbiome in health and disease

Horizontal gene transfer and the pangenome

Archaeal viruses and anti-viral defences



Lab Website: http://www.gophnalab.sites.tau.ac.il/


Prof. Anat Herskovits

Prof. Anat Herskovits – Bacterial Pathogenesis

Bacterial pathogenesis and host interactions.

Pathogen-phage interactions during mammalian


Pathogens interaction with the innate immune system.

Sensing host metabolic signals, patho-metabolism.



Lab Website: herskovitslab.sites.tau.ac.il


Prof. Martin Kupiec

Prof. Martin Kupiec – Molecular Genetics

Stability of the eukaryotic genome, mutations and

chromosomal amplifications. Epigenetic memory

Telomere biology. DNA repair and replication.

Yeast genetics. The TOR protein kinase.



Lab Website: https://mkyeastlab.wixsite.com/mklab


Prof. Eliora RonProf. Eliora Ron – Microbiology

Functional genomics of pathogenic E. coli

involved in urinary tract infections, sepsis

and hospital acquired infections; Bacterial

response to environmental stress; Bacterial

bioremediation of pollution




Prof. Gil SegalProf. Gil Segal – Molecular Pathogenesis

Molecular mechanism of bacterial pathogenesis;

Bacterial pathogens and their interaction with host cells;

The regulation and evolution of bacterial pathogenesis systems;

Host cells manipulation by bacterial pathogens



Lab Website: https://en-lifesci.tau.ac.il/profile/gils


Dr. Adi Stern

Dr. Adi Stern – Evolution and Virology

Experimental evolution of RNA viruses,

Phylogenomics of virus epidemics,

Evolutionary forces that act upon

anti-parasite immune genes.



Lab Website: http://www.sternadi.com/

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