Computational Tools for Microbiome Data Processing and Analysis

updated: 12.03.2020


Elhanan Burstein and Efrat Muller


Workshop date and time:

Tuesday, 12/5/2020, ​10:15-13:00





PC Classroom 09, Sherman Building, Tel Aviv University.

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Recent advances in metagenomic technologies have prompted an explosion of studies that use these technologies to explore a wide range of microbial communities and microbiomes, including those that inhabit the human body. These studies revealed the important role of these communities in environmental processes and in human health. Importantly, however, such high-throughput metagenomic sequence data are incredibly complex and require a variety of computational tools for processing, analysis, and integration.

In this workshop we will first provide an overview of modern, metagenomic-based microbiome research, and of the different types of data generated in such research. We will then present QIIME2, one of the most common pipelines for processing and analyzing amplicon 16S rRNA data. During the workshop, participants will use this pipeline to process and analyze real microbiome data, starting from raw 16S sequencing data to the generation of advanced statistics and visualizations. We will additionally introduce more advanced tools, developed by the Borenstein lab for microbiome metagenomic, metabolomic, and multi-omic analysis.  

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand general principles in microbiome high-throughput metagenomic analysis.
  • Be familiar with QIIME2 features and able to rationally choose workflow outline and parameters that best fit their data and research question.
  • Understand and apply different metrics for comparing microbiome composition and diversity across samples.
  • Learn about additional available tools for more sophisticated microbiome analysis, including multi-omic data integration.
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