PyMOL 2019

updated: 22.12.2019


Daniel Feder

Biochemistry, Faculty of life science, Tel Aviv University

Workshop date and time:

Sunday, 22/12/2019 10:15-14:00

Number of Participants: up to 30 people.


PC Classroom 09, Sherman Building, Tel Aviv University.

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PyMOL is a python-based visualization software developed by DeLano Scientific that is primarily used to model protein, DNA and ligand complexes but offers a diverse array of functionality.

In this interactive four-hour workshop, we will embark on a journey through molecular space using PyMOL and investigate the crystal structures of several proteins of the influenza virus that are crucial for the virus’ replication cycle. Moreover, we will also examine the binding modes of the antiviral drugs Amantadine and Rimantadine to the influenza M2 proton transporter and discuss the mechanism for resistance of the virus to these drugs.

The final hour of the workshop will be dedicated to modeling a protein of your choice.

Workshop materials

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