Ecology across biomes in the era of global change - Mini Conference

The first conference for PhD students in the field of Ecology at the George Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University - July 3rd, 2023

The first conference for PhD students in the field of Ecology
July 3rd, 2023


The George Wise Faculty of Life Science at Tel Aviv University is pleased to announce the First Graduate Ecology mini conference to be held at Tel Aviv University in July 3rd, 2023. The main objective of this event is to bring together students and researchers from different ecological systems (terrestrial, marine, freshwater, agricultural and urban ecosystems) and taxonomic groups (animals, plants and beyond) who share the common interest in ecological research at our Faculty.

The conference will include a series of short oral presentations by PhD students, as well as a Keynote lecture by Dr. Noam Leader, Head of the Ecology Department, Science Division, Israel Nature & Parks Authority, who will talk on the application of ecological principles to nature conservation, and share his post-PhD experience in the ‘real word’. Prizes will be awarded to the best three student presentations.

There is no registration fee, but prior registration is required. Light refreshments will be provided for registered participants only. Undergraduate, MSc students, postdocs, Faculty and University staff are most welcomed to attend.
Please do register in advance (unless you already did, e.g. the presenters) so we can ensure we prepare the correct amount of food and prevent any food waste.

Registration form link (Please complete until Sunday Jun 25th, 2023)


Location: Hall N# 002, Sherman Building





9:00 am

Greetings by the Dean and technical announcements

9:15 am

First session: Ecology on the interphase with humans


  1. Shlomo Preiss-Bloom (Tamar Dayan): The ecology of human-wolf conflict and coexistence in a multi-use landscape: A Golan Heights case study


  1. Merav Lebel Vine (Yuval Sapir): Quantifying the potential niches of endangered plant species for improving reintroduction success


  1. Miki Bar-Ziv (Orr Spiegel): Does urban habitat create behavioral selection? The impact of urban environments on the movement and behaviors of Spur-winged Lapwings


  1. Lachan Roth (Omri Bronstein): Red Alert: Regional Scale Mass Mortality Event of the Two Diadematoida Species in the Northern Red Sea


  1. Tal Raz (Shai Meiri): What is between reptiles and education?


Coffee break


Second Session: Understading ecological services with novel research tools


  1. Omer Zlotnik (Ofir Levy): Cutting down the future: Deforestation poses deleterious effects to tree-climbing species under climate change


  1. Renanel Pickholtz (Yoni Belmaker): Early response of reef fish to an extreme weather event


  1. Shay Adar (Marcelo Sternberg): Remote sensing applications for rangeland vegetation monitoring


  1. Doron Ashkenazi (Avigdor Abelson): Unleashing the Power of Seaweeds: Enhancing valuable compounds in seaweeds via sustainable aquaculture


  1. Tom Morav (Micha Ilan): Mesophotic Sponge Ground Diversity and Connectivity


Lunch break


Keynote speaker: Dr. Noam Leader, INPA.  “Conserve your ecology - why ecology is important for nature conservation”


Third session: Ecological behavior  and proximate mechanisms


  1. Amir Sarig (Gal Ribak): Blowin' in the Wind? Flight performance of miniature insects in windy conditions


  1. Ruth Gottlieb (Michal Gruntman): Can plants integrate information on aboveground competition in their directional responses belowground?


  1. Gal Vered (Noa Shenkar): Plastic Pollution in a Coral Reef Climate Refuge


  1. Ofri Eitan (Yossi Yovel): Functional daylight echolocation in highly visual bats


Coffee break


Winner announcements


The end…


Prof. Marcelo Sternberg & Dr. Orr Spiegel

On behalf the Organizing Steering Committee


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