VAT Virulence Analysis Tools

User-friendly software VAT ( Virulence Analysis Tool ) combines a set of analysis steps to facilitate a comprehensive, effective and logically consistent evaluation of diversity within and among populations of plant pathogens and plants with virulence and resistance data, respectively.

VAT allows for the diversity analysis of sexually and asexually reproducing populations .

VAT is the only software package that provides calculation of recently developed assignment based diversity parameters (Kosman, 1996; Kosman & Leonard, 2007).

VAT is compatible to other major statistics packages.

VAT is applicable to molecular marker data.

VAT has the following features: (1) Data entry , transformation, and identification of phenotypes/geno types ; (2) Descriptive tools characterizing the distributions (of phenotypes, virulences and resistances), complexities, associations, dissimilarities between individuals, diversities within and distances between populations; (3) Inference -statistical procedures assessing confidence intervals and significance of population parameters by re-sampling techniques.


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