School of Neurobiology, Biochemistry & Biophysics

Redefining our understanding of microorganisms
Redefining our understanding of microorganisms



About The School

The School of Neurobiology, Biochemistry and Biophysics contains two departments; the Department of Neurobiology and the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.  Both departments focus on investigating the molecular basis of biological processes in cell systems or organisms.  The focus of the first department is biological processes that occur in the nervous system.  A wide range of processes are addressed in both departments that include expression of genes and epigenetics, development and differentiation, signal transduction events, memory and behavior, neuro-vascularity, bioinformatics, structural biology of molecular processes, synaptic activities, neuroimmunology, biological clocks, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.  Research in the School is conducted at the level of molecules, cells and organisms.  The diversity of the methods used in the projects reflects the multidisciplinary nature and novelty of the research conducted in the school. 




Contact Us


Title Name Room Phone Email
Head Of School

Prof. Abdussalam Azem

Sherman 629 03-640-9007


Neurobiology Department

Title Name Room Phone Email
Department chair

Prof. Ronit Kramarski

Sherman 723 03-640-6801
Administrative assistant to department chair  Tal Oded Sherman 426 03-640-6372
Head of Ph.D. committee Prof Yoav Gothilf Sherman 405 03-640-6329

Head M.Sc. committee Prof. Reuven Stein Sherman 724 03-640-8608




Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Title Name Room Phone Email
Department chair

Prof. Joel Hirsch

Sherman 621 03-640-7931

Administrative assistant to department chair
Orit Netta Eliezer Sherman 628 03-640-9749
Head of Ph.D. committee Dr. Gali Prag Sherman 612 03-640-9828

Head of M.Sc. committee Dr. Iftach Nachman Sherman 506 03-640-5900





We are in transition period from a departmental structure to a school structure .

The Department page of Biochemistry here

The Department page of Neurobiology here


The Course Catalogue (Hebrew)


Biochemistry graduate degree registration (Hebrew)

Neurobiology graduate degree registration (Hebrew)

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