Dr. Debi Rapaport has been awarded First Prize in the III-Annual Scientific Meeting of The Association for the Advancement of Professional Laboratory Workers of Israel (Amuta Bacham).

Molecular characterization of CEDNIK syndrome

16 December 2018
Dr Debi Rapaport

Dr. Debi Rapaport, the Lab Manager of the Laboratory of Prof. Mia Horowitz at the School of Molecular Cell Biology, Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University was awarded the First Prize for her Scientific Research during the III-Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Professional Laboratory Workers of Israel (Amuta Bacham) placed in Museum Eretz Israel, Tel Aviv, in October 2018. The scientific work was based on the Molecular Characterization of CEDNIK syndrome, in collaboration with Prof. Eli Sprecher from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. During her talk, Dr. Rapaport explained the cellular phenotype of the rare neurocutaneous genetic disease Cerebral Dysgenesis Neuropathy Ichtyosis and Keratoderma – CEDNIK, caused by a mutation in the SNAP29 gene. She emphazised that SNAP29 regulates Golgi and focal adhesion structures. SNAP29 is a phospho-protein that modulates its membrane association and SNARE fusion dependent processes.

"A prize means scientific recognition by our colleagues", said Dr. Rapaport. "Lab managers in the Sector Bacham are Scientists that have the opportunity to present their scientific work during this meeting and this is probably the true reward of a scientist."


Addressed by Dr. Yael Ziv, Chair of the Biochemistry and Microbiologist sector at the University Administrative Committee:

"There are few opportunities available to us where we can present our part in the scientific research that we all deal with as managers and laboratory workers.


Dr. Debora Rappaport (Our Debi) has demonstrated that excellent lab work and presentation to a large audience is an integral skill in our job and that we ourselves are an integral part of the laboratory in which we spend most of our day, with all that it implies.


Well done, Debi, and to all the other dedicated and excellent laboratory workers whose voices are not always heard. It is vital to persevere and participate in such conferences, to present your scientific results and represent our sector of hardworking people, who are dedicated to the success of our University's Research Laboratories. "

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