Prof. Itzhak Choshniak

Retired in School of Zoology
ביה"ס לזואולוגיה בדימוס
Prof. Itzhak Choshniak
Phone: 03-6409819
Fax: 03-6409403
Office: Sherman - Life Sciences, 310



1970- B.Sc., Biology, Tel-Aviv University

1972- MSc., Zoology, Tel-Aviv University

1978- Ph.D., Physiology, Tel-Aviv University

1979- Post-Doc., Hannah Research Institute Scotland

1980- Post-Doc., School of Veterinary Medicine Hanover , Germany

1981 -Faculty Member, Zoology Department, Tel Aviv University


Research Interests

Itzhak (Chosh) Choshniak’s research engages with comparative aspects of energy and water economy of desert herbivores,  their adaptation to extreme conditions  (food restriction and water deprivation),  hypoxia and hypercapnic environments.   He is also investigating the use of carbonic anhydrase isozymes as early warning bio-indicators for the detection of heavy metals in polluted water.


Recent Publications

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Brosh1 A , Y. Aharoni , E. Shargal , B. Sharir , and M. Gutman , I. Choshniak   2004. Measurements of energy balance of grazing beef cows in Mediterranean pasture, the effects of stocking rate and season: 2. Energy expenditure estimation from heart rate and oxygen consumption, and the energy balance. Livest. Prod. Sci.90 pp. 101–115


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