Prof. Joel Hirsch

Biochemistry Molecular Biology
School of Biochemistry Neurobiology Biophysics
ביוכימיה וביולוגיה מולקולרית סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Joel Hirsch
Phone: 03-6406211
Fax: 03-6406834
Office: Sherman - Life Sciences, 621


BA, 1985, Yeshiva University, NY, USA

PhD, 1995, Columbia University, NY, USA

post-doctoral fellowship, 1995-99, Yale University, New Haven, USA



Research Interests

Broadly speaking, we are interested in the structural biology of cellular signaling.  We have focused on several systems that play key roles in signal transduction. Our goals are to obtain a mechanistic understanding of these molecules; how they interact, transmit and respond to various cues on the most basic level of physics and chemistry; and how this understanding can forge greater progress in comprehending the general biology to which they are pivotal.

Currently we are researching three major areas:

  • Calcium signalling, using voltage-dependent calcium channels and protein calcium sensors.
  • Electrical signaling, using voltage-dependent potassium channels.
  • Protein signaling, using G-protein regulation, protein kinases, and COP9 signalosome. 

Selected Publications

Sachyani, D., Dvir, M., Strulovich, R., Ben-Tal Cohen, E., Tria, G., Tobelaim, W., Peretz, A., Pongs, O., Svergun, D., Attali, B., and J. A. Hirsch. (2014). “Structural Basis of a Kv7.1 Potassium Channel Gating Module: Studies of the Intracellular C-terminal Domain in Complex with Calmodulin.” Structure, 22: 1582. 


Giladi, M., Michaely, L., Almagor, L., Bar-On, D., Buki, T., Ashery, U., Khananshvili, D. †, and J. A. Hirsch†. (2013). “The C2B Domain Is The Primary Ca2+ Sensor In DOC2B: A Structural And Functional Analysis.” J Mol. Biol., 425: 4629.


Almagor, L., Chomsky-Hecht, O., Ben-Mocha, A., Hendin-Barak, D., Dascal, N., and J. A. Hirsch. (2012). “The Role of a Voltage-dependent Ca2+ Channel Intracellular Linker: A Structure-Function Analysis.” J Neuroscience, 32:7602.


Sasson, Y., Navon-Perry, L., Huppert, D., and J. A. Hirsch. (2011). “RGK Family G-domain-GTP Analog Complex Structures and Nucleotide-binding Properties.” J Mol. Biol., 413:372.


Dessau, M., Halimi, Y., Erez, T., Chomsky-Hecht, O., Chamovitz, D.A., and J. A. Hirsch. (2008). “The Arabidopsis COP9 Signalosome Subunit 7 Is a Model PCI Domain Protein with Subdomains Involved in COP9 Signalosome Assembly.” The Plant Cell, 20: 2815. 


Wiener, R., Haitin, Y., Shamgar, L., Fernandez-Alonso, M.C., Martos, A., Chomsky-Hecht, O., Rivas, G., Attali, B., and J.A. Hirsch. (2008) “The KCNQ1(Kv7.1) COOH-terminus, a Multitiered Scaffold for Subunit Assembly and Protein Interaction.” J Biol. Chem, 283:5815. 


Opatowsky, Y., Chen, C-C., Campbell, K. P., and J. A. Hirsch. (2004). “Structural Analysis of the Voltage-Dependent Calcium Channel Beta Subunit Functional Core and Its Complex with the Alpha1 Interaction Domain.” Neuron, 42: 387.

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