Prof. Marcelo Sternberg

Molecular Biology Ecology of Plants
Faculty of Life Sciences
ביולוגיה מול.ואקול.צמחים סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Marcelo Sternberg
Phone: 03-6405877
Fax: 03-6409159
Office: Britannia-Porter, 612



Period Degree Institute Faculty/Department
1982-1988 B.Sc.-M.Sc. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina Biology
1989-1994 Ph.D. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ecology



Period Rank/Function School/Department Institute
2020-present Full Professor School of Plant Sciences & Food Security Tel Aviv University
2010-2020 Associate Professor School of Plant Sciences & Food Security Tel Aviv University
2005-2010 Senior Lecturer ​School of Plant Sciences & Food Security Tel Aviv University
2001-2005 Lecturer School of Plant Sciences & Food Security Tel Aviv University
2000-2001 Lecturer Faculty of Life Sciences Bar-Ilan University

Research Interests

Sternberg’s Plant Ecology Lab addresses a diversity of fundamental questions in plant ecology. We take a broad approach to experimental research, with interest in plant community ecology, grazing ecology, functional ecology, invasion ecology, conservation ecology, and global climate change ecology.

We generally use experimental approaches in both natural communities and agro-ecosystems to test questions at the levels of the population, community, and ecosystem. We combine strong field-work, controlled greenhouse environments, and remote sensing tools.

Prof. Sternberg was nominated in 2021 as Chang Jiang Chair Professor at Ningxia University in China. This is the highest academic award given by the Chinese government to scientists.


List of key current research projects:

  1. Our lab is running since 2001, one of the world's oldest climate change experiments using rainfall manipulations. At the Matta Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) station in the Judean Hills, we study the effects of climate change on ecosystem structure and function when exposed to extreme drought and changes in rainfall patterns.
  2. The Plant Ecology lab is involved in a long-term cattle range management experiment in a Mediterranean grassland (Karei Deshe LTER) aiming to study the effects of grazing on ecosystem function and services.
  3. Our lab is currently involved in a remote sensing project studying the capabilities of the VENµS satellite, as a tool for quantifying the effects of climate change on forage quantity and quality in Israeli rangelands.
  4. An additional study focus on the effects of invasive plant species on ecosystem function and structure in coastal dunes of Israel. The goal of this study is to provide accurate estimate on water cost of invasion and provide remote sensing based tool for effective management of invasive species for environmental monitoring, conservation and natural resource management.  
  5. Sternberg’s lab is engaged in a research project studying the use of natural herbaceous vegetation as cover crops in vineyards, as a tool for soil erosion prevention while strengthening the soil structure and sustainability of the agricultural operation.       
  6. Our lab is also studying the ecology of wild populations of Lupinus pilosus as a potential novel legume crop. This species grows under a wide range of environmental conditions and produce seeds rich in proteins. Nevertheless, this plant is protected by high levels of secondary compounds. Our lab is searching for wild populations that may be suitable for domestication.
  7. The Plant Ecology lab is investigating the ecology of wild populations of Lupinus palaestinus, an endemic species growing only in Israel and under high risks of world extinction. The natural habitat of this species if confronting major fragmentation leading to the disappearance of natural populations and strong contraction of the remaining ones. Our lab is studying ex-situ conservation to conserve its gene pool and search for ways of preventing the extinction of this unique species.

Recent Publications

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Last five years only:


Smith, M.D., Wilkins, K.D., Holdrege, M.C.,   Wilfahrt, P., Collins, S.L., Knapp, A.K. ....Sternberg, M..…et al. (2024) Extreme drought impacts have been underestimated in grasslands and shrublands globally. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121 (4), e2309881120 https://doi:10.1073/pnas.2309881120

Gupta, S.K., Ben-Dor, E.,Sternberg, M. (2024) Unveiling the Invasion: Advancing ecological mapping of Heterotheca subaxillaris through integrated remote sensing techniques with drones and satellites. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.
https://doi: 10.1109/JSTARS.2024.3374232

Gupta, S. K., Efrati, B., Amir, O., Francos, N., Sternberg, M., Ben-Dor, E. (2023)
Smartphone-based spectroscopy as a tool to estimate soil attributes for the citizen science concept.Smart Agricultural Technology 5:100327.

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DeMalach, N., Kigel, J., Sternberg, M. (2023) Contrasting dynamics of seed banks and standing vegetation of annuals and perennials along a rainfall gradient. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 58: 12571.


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Zhang, A., Chang, H., Liu, R., Sternberg, M. (2022) Shrub facilitative effects on the plant litter arthropod community shifts with decreasing precipitation in desertified ecosystems in northwestern China. Journal of Arid Environments 200: 104724.

Moshe, F. O. R., Sternberg, M. Ratner, T., Drori, I., Egozy, R. (2022) Customizing the Morphological Quality Index (MQI) to evaluate streams in Eastern-Mediterranean ecosystems. Environemntal Challenges 9: 100612

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Kozhoridze, G., Ben Dor, E., Sternberg, M. (2022) Assessing the Dynamics of Plant Species Invasion in Eastern-Mediterranean Coastal Dunes Using Cellular Automata Modeling and Satellite Time-Series Analyses. Remote Sensing  14(4):1014.

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