Dr. Michal Gruntman

Molecular Biology Ecology of Plants
Department of Environmental Studies
ביולוגיה מול.ואקול.צמחים סגל אקדמי בכיר
Dr. Michal Gruntman
Phone: 4580
Phone: 073-3804580



Period Degree Institute Faculty/Department
2006-2010 PhD Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Life Sciences
2002-2004 MSc Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Life Sciences



Period Rank/Function School/Department Institute
2019-present Senior lecturer School of Plant Sciences and Food Security and Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences Tel Aviv University
2015-2018 Lecturer Institute of Evolution and Ecology Tübingen University
2011-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow Institute of Evolution and Ecology Tübingen University

Research Interests

In the Plant Ecology and Evolution Lab we study varying aspects of plant responses to their environment, at both ecological and evolutionary time scales. We seek to learn the plastic responses and choices plants make under changing environmental conditions, how plants evolve in response to these changes and when they invade novel environments, as well as the way these responses can be applied to deal with environmental issues.

Recent Publications



Mohiley A, Tielbörger K, Seifan M and Gruntman M (2020) The role of biotic interactions in determining metal hyperaccumulation in plants. Functional Ecology, 343, 658-668.   


Gruntman M, Segev U and Tielbörger K (2019) Shade-induced plasticity in invasive Impatiens glandulifera populations. Weed Research 60, 16-25.


Gruntman M, Groß D, Májeková M and Tielbörger K (2017) Decision-making in plants under competition. Nature communications 8, 2235.


Gruntman M, Segev U, Glauser G and Tielbörger K (2017) Evolution of plant defences along an invasion chronosequence: defence is lost due to enemy release- but not forever. Journal of Ecology, 105, 255–264.


Gruntman M, Anders C, Mohiley A, Laaser T, Clemens S, Höreth S and Tielbörger K (2017) Clonal integration and heavy-metal stress: responses of plants with contrasting evolutionary backgrounds. Evolutionary Ecology, 31, 305–316.


Gruntman M, Zieger S and Tielbörger K. (2016) Invasive success and the evolution of enhanced weaponry. Oikos: 125:59-65.


Joshi S, Gruntman M*, Bilton M, Seifan M and Tielbörger K. (2014) A comprehensive test of evolutionarily increased competitive ability in a highly invasive plant species. Annals of Botany, 114: 1761-1768.


Gruntman M, Pehl AK, Joshi S and Tielbörger K (2014) Competitive dominance of the invasive plant Impatiens glandulifera: using competitive effect and response with a vigorous neighbor. Biological Invasions 16: 141-151.


Gruntman M and Novoplansky A (2011) Ontogenetic contingency of tolerance mechanisms in response to apical damage. Annals of Botany 108: 965-73.


Gruntman M, Shirata C and Novoplansky A (2011) Plasticity in apical dominance and damage tolerance under variable resource availability in Medicago truncatula. Plant Ecology, 212: 1537-1548.


Gruntman M and Novoplansky A (2011) Implications of local-scale productivity on compensatory growth in a semi-arid shrubland. Journal of Arid Environments, 75: 279-283.


Gruntman M and Novoplansky A (2004) Physiologically-mediated self/nonself discrimination in roots. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 101: 3863-3867.

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