Dr. Nechama Smorodinsky

Retired in Electronic Microscopy
היברידומות בדימוס
Dr. Nechama Smorodinsky
Phone: 03-6409115
Fax: 03-6422046
Office: Britannia-Porter, 304

Research Interests

My research interests are:

  • Human Breast Cancer – isoforms of MUC-1 in human breast cancer for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment
  • Vaccination against human breast cancer
  • Interactions between MUC-1 expressing tumor cells and the microenvironmental factors such as immunocytes and chemokines
  • Developing MUC-1 monoclonal antibodies for breast cancer treatment
  • Monoclonal antibodies for the study of ATM structure/function relationship


Recent Publications

Levitin F, Baruch A, Weiss M, Stiegman K, Hartmann ML, Yoeli-Lerner M, Ziv R, Zrihan-Licht S, Shina S, Gat A, Lifschitz B, Simha M, Stadler Y, Cholostoy A, Gil B, Greaves D, Keydar I, Zaretsky J, Smorodinsky N, Wreschner DH. A novel protein derived from the MUC1 gene by alternative splicing and frameshifting. J Biol Chem. Vol. 280, 2005 (pp. 10655-10663).


Zipin A, Israeli-Amit M, Meshel T, Sagi-Assif O, Yron I, Lifshitz V, Bacharach E, Smorodinsky NI, Many A, Czernilofsky PA, Morton DL, Witz IP. Tumor-microenvironment interactions: the fucose-generating FX enzyme controls adhesive properties of colorectal cancer cells. Cancer Res. Vol. 64, 2004 (pp. 6571-6578).

Herbert LM, Grosso JF, Dorsey M Jr, Fu T, Keydar I, Cejas MA, Wreschner DH, Smorodinski N, Lopez DM. A unique mucin immunoenhancing peptide with antitumor properties. Cancer Res. Vol. 64, 2004 (pp. 8077-8084).


N.A. Hey, M. Meseguer, C. Simon, N.I. Smorodinsky, D.H. Wreschner, M.E. Ortíz, J.D. Aplin. Transmembrane and truncated (SEC) isoforms of MUC1 in the human endometrium and Fallopian tube. Reprod. Biol. Endocrinol. Vol. 1, 2003 (p. 2).

A.S. Solomon, M. Kimron, V. Holdengreber, A. Nizan, M. Yaakobowicz, E. Harness, N.I. Smorodinsky, A. Shirvan , A. Barzilai. Up-regulation of semaphorin expression in retina of glaucomatous rabbits. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. Vol. 241, 2003 (pp. 673-681).


D.H. Wreschner, M.A. McGuckin, S.J. Williams, M. Yoeli, R. Ziv, L. Okun, J. Zaretsky, N.I. Smorodinsky, I. Keydar, M. Stacey, H-H. Lin, S. Gordon. Generation of ligand-receptor alliances by "SEA" module-mediated cleavage of membrane-associated mucin proteins. Protein Sci. Vol. 11, 2002 (pp.698-706).


A. Bar-Shira, S. Rashi-Elkeles, L. Zlochover, N.I. Smorodinsky, R. Seger, Y. Shiloh. ATM-dependent activation of the gene encoding MAP kinase phosphatase 5 by radiomimetic DNA damage. Oncogene. Vol. 21, 2002 (pp.849-855).


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E. Seroussi, N. Shani, D. Ben-Meir, A. Chajut, I. Divinski, S. Faier, S. Gery, S. Karby, Z. Kariv-Inbal, O. Sella, N.I. Smorodinsky, S. Lavi S. Uniquely conserved non-translated regions are involved in generation of the two major transcripts of Protein Phosphatase 2C. J Mol Biol. Vol. 312; 2001 (pp.439-451).


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V.M. Macaulay, Salisbury AJ, Bohula EA, Playford MP, Smorodinsky NI, Shiloh Y. Downregulation of the type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor in mouse melanoma cells is associated with enhanced radiosensitivity and impaired activation of Atm kinase. Oncogene Vol.20, 2001 (pp.4029-4040).


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Eshel, R., A. Zanin, O. Sagi-Assif, T. Meshel, N.I. Smorodinsky, O. Dwir, R. Alon, R. Brakenhoff, G. van Dongen, I.P. Witz. The GPI-linked Ly-6 antigen E48 regulates expression levels of the FX-enzyme and of E-selectin ligands on Head and Neck Squamous Carcinoma Cells. J. Biol. Chem., Vol. 275, 2000 (pp.12833-12840).


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