Prof. Nir Ohad

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Prof. Nir Ohad
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Nir Ohad received his B.Sc. in Biology and Earth sciences and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Genetics from Hebrew University.  Since 1998, Prof. Ohad has been a member of The Department of Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants at Tel-Aviv University.  Dr. Ohad together with his colleague Prof. Yalosvky were among the first to adopt the Bimolecular fluorescence complementation assay (BiFC) to study protein-protein interactions in plants. He teachers the introductory class on plant biology as well as advanced classes on plant development.





Post-Doctoral Fellow; Department of Plant Biology, University of California at Berkeley

1997-1992 Ph.D.; Molecular Biology & Genetics, Hebrew University
1985-1987 M.Sc.; Molecular Biology & Genetics, Hebrew University
1982-1985 B.Sc; Biology & Earth Sciences, Hebrew Univesity


Academic Appointments:

1998-present Faculty Member; Department of Molecular Biology & Ecology of Plants, Tel Aviv University


Research Interests

Research is aimed at understanding the role of PcG in regulating plant development. To this end we are using the model organisms Arabidopsis as a representative of flowering plants and the moss Physcomitrella patens, a representative of early terrestrial plants, to understand how polycomb function has evolved during land plant evolution. 


Specific topics:  Elucidate the structure and function of the different PcG complexes, using genetic molecular and biochemical tools; Study the imprinting of the endosperm specific Polycomb group gene MEDEA (MEA) by an auto regulatory mechanism of Polycomb group complexes;  Examine PcG functional evolution; using Physcomitrella patens as a model system representing early terrestrial plants; Elucidating root response to mechanical stimulation


Recent Publications

Selected Works:


Mosquna, A. Katz, E. L. Decker, S. A Rensing, R. Reski and N. Ohad .Regulation of stem cell maintenance by the Polycomb protein FIE has been conserved during land plant evolution. Development Vol. 136(14) 2009 (pp. 2433-2444).


P. Jullien, A. Mosquna, M. Ingouff, T. Sakata, N. Ohad and F. Berger. Retinoblastoma and its binding partner MSI1 Control imprinting in Arabidopsis PLoS Biol. Vol. 8(6), 2008 (pp. 1693-1705).


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N. Ohad. Parental conflict overcome. Nature Vol. 447, 2007 (pp. 275-276).


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A. Katz, M. Oliva, A. Mosquna, O. Hakim, and. N. Ohad . FIE and CURLY LEAF polycomb proteins interact in the regulation of homeobox gene expression during sporophyte development. The Plant Journal Vol. 37, 2004 (pp. 707-719).


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