Prof. Sara Lavi

Emeritus in Dep. of Cell Research and Immunology
מח חקר התא ואימונולוגיה אמריטוס
Prof. Sara Lavi
Phone: 03-6409832
Another phone: 03-6406090
Fax: 03-6422046
Office: Britannia-Porter, 306


1975-1976 Post-doctoral research; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Department of Virology, CSH, USA
1973-1975 Post-doctoral research; Roche Inst. of Molecular Biology, Dept of Cell Biology- Nutley, NJ, USA
1968-1969 Research Biochemist; University of California-Berkeley, USA, Dept of Biochemistry
1969-1974 Ph.D.; Genetics, Weizmann Institute-Rehovot, Israel
1966-1967 M.Sc.; Microbiology, Bar-Ilan University
1963-1966 B.Sc.; Microbiology, Bar-Ilan University


University Appointments:

2008 Member; Stirring Committee of Academic Quality Assessment
2006-present Member; Exceptional Cases Committee
2004-2006 Member; New Horizon Committee
2004-2007 Chair; Evaluation Committee, The Gender B.Sc. program
2004-2006 Member; Senate Delegate, Board of Governors
2000 Organizing Committee, TAU
1999-2002 Member; TAU Organizing Commitee
1994-1997 Member; Evaluation Committee, The Ecology B.Sc. program
1989-1995 Chair; Cancer Biology Research Center, TAU


Faculty Appointments:

1998-2001 Chief Scientist, LAVSYS, Bio-Therapy Start-Up Company
1996-2003 Chair; Research Committee at the Israel Cancer Association
2004- Chair; Department of Cell Research and Immunology, Faculty of Life Sciences
2003- Chair; Ela Kodesz Institute for Research on Cancer Development & Prevention
2000-2004 Chair; Ph.D. Committee, Faculty of Life Sciences
1994-1997 Chair; Dept of Cell Research & Immunology, Faculty of Life Sciences
1994-2006 Chair; Excelling Students Program, Faculty of Life Sciences
1990-1994 Chair; Teaching Committee


National Commitees:

  Member; Teva Prize Committee (several times)
  Member; Clore Prize (several times)
2008 Member; Israel Prize, Biochemistry
1998 Member; Israel Prize, Biochemistry


International Meeting Organization:

2007 Chair; International Organization Committee, "Tel Aviv University- Charles Heidelberger Symposium on Cancer Research", Mishkenot Shananim Jerusalem May 2007


Honors and Awards:

2004 Annual Research Prize; Israel Cancer Association
1989-1991 Distinction Award; Israel Cancer Association
1989-1994 Career Development Award; Israel Cancer Research Fund
1983-1989 Career Development Award; Leukemia Society of America
Professional memberships:
  The American Society for Microbiology; The American Association for Cancer Research; The American Association for the Advancement of Science; Israel Societies for Experimental Biology; Israel Society of Biochemistry


Research Interests

Specific research interests are: 

  1. Stress, cancer and signal transduction:  Protein Phosphatases 2C (PP2C), a negative regulator of stress. The role of PP2C in the stress response, tumorigenesis and differentiation. PP2C and the p53-MDM2 feedback loop.
  2. Genomic instability, extrachromosomal circular DNA molecules of heterogeneous (eccDNA) sizes.
    1. The involvement of homologous recombination and non homologous end joining in the generation of eccDNA molecules containing repetitive sequences.
    2. The role of eccDNA in cancer and ageing.

Recent Publications

Y. Berko-Flint, S. Karby, D. Hassin and S. Lavi. Carcinogen-induced DNA amplifi- cation in vitro: Overreplication of the Simian virus 40 origin region in extracts from carcinogen-treated CO60 cells. Mol. Cell. Biol. Vol.10, 1990 (pp.75-83).


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E. Seroussi and S. Lavi. Replication Protein-A is the major single stranded DNA binding protein detected in mammalian cell extracts by gel retardation assays and UV cross-linking of long and short single-stranded DNA molecules. J. Biol. Chem. Vol.268, 1993 (pp.7147-7154).


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E. Seroussi, N. Shani, D. Ben-Meir, A. Chajut, I. Divinski, S. Faier, S. Gery, S. Karby, Z. Kariv-Inbal, O. Sella, N.I. Smorodinsky, S. Lavi S. Uniquely conserved non-translated regions are involved in generation of the two major transcripts of Protein Phosphatase 2Cbeta. J Mol Biol. Vol. 312; 2001 (pp.439-451).


B. Lifschitz-Mercer Y. Sheinin, D. Ben-Meir, L. Bramante-Schreiber, L. Leider-Trejo, S. Karby, N.I. Smorodinsky, S. Lavi. Protein phosphatase 2C alpha expression in normal human tissues: an immunohistochemical study. Histochem Cell Biol. Vol.116, 2001 (pp.31-39).


P. Ofek, D. Ben-Meir, Z. Kariv-Inbal, M. Oren, S. Lavi . Cell cycle regulation and p53 activation by protein phosphatase 2C alpha. J Biol Chem. Vol.278, 2003 (pp.14299-14305).


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T. Lammers, P. Peschke, V. Ehemann, J. Debus, B. Slobodin, S. Lavi, P. Huber. Role of PP2C-alpha in cell growth, in radio- and chemosensitivity, and in tumorigenicity. Mol Cancer. Vol.6, 2007 (pp65).


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M. Shohat, D.Ben Meir, and S.Lavi. Protein phosphatase 2Cα plays a role, in the differentiation and survival of nerve cells (submitted).


P. Ofek, B. Slobodin, D.Ben-Meir, S. Lavi. Stress induced HDM2 auto-ubiquitination is controlled by phosphatase 2Cα and protein phosphatase 2Cβ (submitted).


Z. Cohen and S. Lavi. Replication Independent Formation of Extrachromosomal Circular DNA in Mammalian cell-free system (submitted).


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