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Research Interests

The study of this lab is directed to understand cell polarity and how it affects development and growth of plants. Cell polarity is fundamental to living organisms. In plants, a unique mechanism links the polar transport of the hormone auxin with pattern formation. This feature makes plants a superior model system for studying how cell polarity is associated with developmental processes. Rho superfamily small GTPases are central regulators of cell polarity in eukaryotes. The function of Rho proteins requires their association with discrete domains in the plasma membrane where they orchestrate cytoskeleton organization vesicle trafficking, and local gradients of calcium ions and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Plants have a single family of Rho proteins known as either Rho of Plants (ROPs) or RACs. Our research focuses on different aspects of ROP function in regulation of cell polarity, pattern formation and signal transduction processes.


To associate with the plasma membrane ROPs undergo posttranslational lipid modification in their C-terminal hypervariable domain. These modifications include prenylation, primarily by geranylgeranyl, and stable S -acylation by palmitic and stearic acids. In addition, transient S -acylation of two G-domain cysteines is required for partitioning of ROPs into lipid rafts and function in regulation of cell polarity. We are studying how different combinations of lipid modifications affect ROP targeting, partitioning into membrane microdomains, membrane and molecular dynamics and signaling.


Recent Publications


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