Prof. Yoram Yom-Tov

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Prof. Yoram Yom-Tov
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Office: Bessner Building For Zoological Research, 211


Yoram Yom-Tov is an Emeritus Professor at the Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University. He did his BSc, MSc and PhD at Tel Aviv University, and became academic staff member at 1971. He supervised about 50 graduate students (MSc and PhDs) and conducted research in Israel and in many countries around the world. He published and edited 8 books and more than 200 scientific articles in referred journals. He was head of the department of zoology, curator of terrestrial vertebrates at the zoological museum and academic director of the zoological garden. 





Ph.D.; Zoology, Tel Aviv University

1962-1965 M.Sc.; Zoology, Tel Aviv University
1959-1962  B.Sc.; Zoology, Tel Aviv University


Academic Appointments:

2008 Visiting Professor, Cambridge University
2007-present Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University
2006-present Advisory Board member, Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution
2003-2004 Visiting Professor, Cambridge University 
2002, 2005 Visiting Scientist, Zoological Museum, Copenhagen
2001-2008 Board of Directors, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
2003, 1999-2000, 1987-1995 Scientific Director, Research Zoo at TAU
1987-2007 Professor, Tel Aviv University
1980-1982 Chairman, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University
1987-2009 Curator of Birds & Mammals, Zoological Museum at TAU



2007-present Honorary Life Membership, Israel Zoological Society


Fauna & Flora Committee The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
1984-2000  Society for Protection of of Nature in Israel
1990-1998  International Ornithological Committee
1985-1990 Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities


Research Interests


His main research interests are: 

  • ecology,
  • behavioural ecology,
  • bird migration,
  • zoogeography,
  • nature conservation,
  • factors that determine body size of mammals and birds.


Recent Publications

For a Full publications list



Y. Yom-Tov

The gazelles of Israel. Dan Pery, Jerusalem. 176 pp. 2016. (in Hebrew).


 Y. Yom-Tov

   Faunistics of terrestrial vertebrates: an Israeli view. Vol. III. Birds. The Open University, Ra’anana, Israel. 286 pp. 2014. (in Hebrew).


 Y. Yom-Tov

  The sunbird. Carta, Jerusalem, Israel. 148 pp. 2014. (in Hebrew).


 Y. Yom-Tov

  Faunistics of terrestrial vertebrates: an Israeli view. Vol. IV. Mammals.  The Open University, Ra’anana, Israel. 234 pp. 2014. (in Hebrew).



Recent articles



J. Piennar, A. Ilani, E. Geffen & Y. Yom-Tov

Macroevolution of life-history traits in passerine birds: adaptation and phylogenetic inertia. Ecol. Lett. 16, 571-576, 2013.


I. Kan, Y. Motro, N. Horvitz, A. Kimhi, Y. Leshem, Y. Yom-Tov & R. Nathan

Agricultural Rodent Control Using Barn Owls: Is it Profitable? Am. J. Agric.  Econ; doi: 10.1093/ajae/aat097, 2013.


 Y. Paker, Y. Yom-Tov, T. Alon-Mozes, A. Barnea

 The effect of plant richness and urban garden structure on bird species richness, diversity and community structure. Landscape and Urban Planning 122, 186-195,2014.


 Berger, Y. Yom-Tov, Y. Leshem & S. Markman

 The effect of intruders on territorial Palestine Sunbirds (Nectarinia osea) during    the pre-egg laying period. J. Ornith. 155, 291-299, 2014.


I. Berger & Y. Dvir & Y. Leshem & Y. Yom-Tov & S. Markman

Extra-pair copulations, intra-specific brood parasitism, and quasi-parasitism in birds: a theoretical approach. Acta Ethol. 17, 131-140, 2014.


S. Barkan, U. Roll, Y. Yom-Tov, I. Wassenaar & A. Barnea

A possible relation between new neuronal recruitment and migratory behavior in Acrocephalus warblers. Develop. Neurobiol. DOI 10.1002/dneu.22198, 1194-1209, 2014.


U. Roll, E. Geffen & Y. Yom-Tov.

Linking vertebrate species richness to tree canopy height on a global scale. Glob. Eco. Biog. 24, 814-825, 2015.


E. Levin, B. Plotnik, E. Amichai, L. Braulke, S. Landau, Y. Yom-Tov & N. Kronfeld-Schor. 

Subtropical mouse-tailed bats use geothermally-heated caves for winter hibernation. Proc. R. Soc. B. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2014.2781 2015.


S. Barkan, Y, U. Roll, Y. Yom-Tov, L. I Wassenaar & A. Barnea.

Possible linkage between neuronal recruitment and relocation distance in   migratory birds. Sci. Rep. 6, 21983; doi: 10.1038/srep21983, 2016.


E. Yom-Tov, Y. Yom-Tov, S. Yom-Tov, M. Andersen, D. Rosenfeld, A.  Devasthale & E. Geffen.

The complex effect of geography and North Atlantic Oscillation the body size of Greenland hares in Greenland. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 120, 909-918, 2017.


Y. Yom-Tov, E. Yom-Tov. & E. Geffen. Harsh climate selects for small body size among Iceland’s Arctic foxes. Ecography 40, 376-383, 2017.


S. Barkan, Y. Yom-Tov & A. Barnea.

Possible relationship between brain plasticity, migratory lifestyle and social structure in birds. Frontiers in Neuroscience 11, 2017.




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