M.Sc. in Biochemistry & Mol Biology

Applicant Information

General Information

Students interested in applying for the M.Sc. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology need to submit an application through the central university web site. The departmental committee for the M.Sc. program reviews each application and invites promising candidates for an interview. The student may look for a faculty mentor before the interview invitation.  In any case, the decision regarding a mentor must be made no later than October 1.


All M.Sc. students will receive a minimum of 125% fellowship and tuition will be paid by the department.  An enlarged fellowship (150%) and/or a teaching position will be awarded to selected students, based on their qualifications.


B.Sc. courses that are recommended before applying for the M.Sc. are:


Course number

Course Name



Biochemistry Laboratory



Research Project




Requirements for admission

Completion of a B.Sc. in the natural sciences (exact or life) with a minimum GPA of 80 is required for admission.  In addition, students must obtain a grade of 80 in two required courses, Biochemistry A (Proteins, Enzymology, Metabolism) and Biochemistry B (Molecular Biology). This requirement is a prerequisite and does not guarantee admission.


Qualified students will be invited for an interview with the M.Sc. committee. The interview will include questions about the applicants' research project (or alternatively - their seminar) from their B.Sc., as well as general questions to test the applicants' knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Applicants are required to submit a recommendation from either their lab supervisor or their seminar mentor.  The recommendation must be filled out on the departmental official form (pdf) and be submitted directly by the referee (NOT by the applicant).


​The current M.Sc. committee chairman is Dr. Iftach Nachman. Please contact him for more details.

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