Instructions for releasing an email from quarantine and whitelisting an address

It has come to our attention that many emails that you are releasing from the lockdown (quarantine) through this email, are returning to the lockdown and getting blocked again. Therefore, we would like to remind you of the proper way to release an email from quarantine and to ensure that the sender's email address is whitelisted to prevent further blocking


  • Important note: It is crucial that you classify emails as "safe" only for senders whom you know and trust.



Below are the instructions for releasing the email and whitelisting the sender:


  1. When you receive a notification that an email has been quarantined and you wish to release it, first click on the Release button.


  1. If you wish to approve future emails from the same sender, click on Add Sender to Safelist in the window that opens.


  1. If the action is successful, a window with the following message at the top of the page will open in the quarantine interface: "Success – The has been added to your Safelist".



  1. Important note – in certain cases, the action may fail if too many entries have been added to the list. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the action was successful, as shown in the image above.
    If the action fails and we are told that we have reached the limit, old entries should be deleted by clicking on the trash icon next to the addresses in the list.
    It is advisable to periodically review the list and delete old entries that are no longer needed.



For any question, please contact directly the Information Security and Cyber mailbox at the following address:

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