Remote access via VPN

In order to connect to internal university systems from outside the campus (or via free-tau), it's necessary to have a VPN client installed on your PC.

We provide here a short guides in english with installation instructions for the VPN solution the university uses

Remote access via VPN

See installation instructions bellow


Before we begin, a short notice on the limitations in the current VPN solution by Palo Alto Networks that you need to be aware of before going through the steps bellow:

  • Supported OS: Windows 8.1/10/11; MacOS 10.11 & above; Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 & above, CentOS 7.0 & above, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.0 through 7.7; Android: 6.0 and above; iOS/iPadOS: 10 & above.
  • The VPN is currently working with Israeli phone numbers ONLY. A solutions for Phone numbers from abroard is planned, but currently not available. Please make sure your phone number is correct in your personal info section in MyTAU.
  • Kosher phones are currently not supported, as an App is needed to be installed on your phone in order for it to work. A solution for this is planned.
  • If you don't have cell phone at all, it will be impossible for you to connect through the new VPN and a solution is not planned.


For those who have those limitations, please contact us through our mail:

We will ask the computation center to allow you to use the old Cisco AnyConnect solution till the issue will be resolved.


Links for Cisco AnyConnect download:

We won't provide a full guide, as the instllation is pretty straightforward (you need to insert your TAU details, then you'll download the program and install it).

When the VPN is installed put in the address depending on your location as listed above (either wifivpn if you're in the campus or sslvpn).



Installation Instructions

First time installation includes 3 steps (one time only).

You must do these steps by their order, as they're depending on you doing the previous step.


  1. Installation of Google Authenticatior on your cell phone.
  2. Performing enrollment.
  3. Installating the VPN Client on the station you're remote accessing from (Windows, Mac, Linux, Tablet, Phone etc.)


Step 1: Installation of Google Authenticator

Installation on Android based cell phones

Installation on iPhones


Step 2: Performing enrolment

Enrollment instructions


Step 3: Installation of the VPN Client

Installing the VPN Client on Windows

Installing the VPN Client on Mac

Installing the VPN Client on Linux

Installing the VPN Client on Android based devices

Installing the VPN Client on iPhone/iPad


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