VPN - Performing enrollment

Step 2: Performing enrollment


In this step we are registering for the authentication service which we installed in the previous step (Google Authenticator).

You must do these steps by their order, as they're depending on you doing the previous step.

Please note that some of the menus in the instructions are available only in hebrew. Please refer to the pictures in each step to know exactly where to press.


In order to register to the service, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Please use only the following browsers for the enrollment: Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer.
  2. Log in to MyTAU
  3. Perform the step as listed bellow:


In MyTAU, go to "Manage my resources"

Go to Manage my resources


In the next section on the right side bar press "Management of identification devices"

Go to Management of identification devices


In the next screen it will press the first link ("Here") in order to register a new device

Press the first "here" link


A message will appear for few a seconds and then disappear

Redirection message that appears for a few seconds


Now you will be redirected to the MyTAU authentication page. Please write down all your details again (username, ID number & password) and press the Login button.

MyTAU login page


After you log in you'll see a page that says that an SMS was sent to your cell phone and is available for 2 minutes.

SMS page


Look at the SMS message you got in your cell phone to see the code

authentication code in SMS


Write the code in the text area and press Login

write down the code you recieved and press login


In the next screen you will see a QR code that you need to scan using the Google Authenticator you installed in Step 1

QR code for google authenticator


Open the Google Authenticator app on your cell phone

Go to the google authenticator app


Press on the + button and "Scan a QR code" (or just "Scan a QR code" if this is your first time using the app)

Press the + button


Press Scan a QR code

If asked, please allow the application to use your camera.

In the next step you need to scan using your cell phone the QR code that appears on the PC and wait for the code to appear on your cell phone.

authentication code appears on your cell phone after scanning the QR


Note that the circle is a timer. The code changes every 2 minutes.

Now, back on your PC write down the code from the google authenticator and press the button next to it (Finish Enrollment).

Write down the password from the google authenticator and press the button to finish enrollment


A screen will appear. Please wait (this should take between 30 seconds to a minute)

Please wait


When it finishes the enrollment you'll see Success message and you'll be redirected to "Manage my resources" page

See the Success message


Press again the "Management of identification devices" button

Go to Management of identification devices


If the operation was successful you should get the following screen:

Identification Devices - successful enrollment screen


You can now install the VPN on your device (Step 3)!



Continue to Step 3: Installation of the VPN Client

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Installing the VPN Client on iPhone/iPad

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