Setting Forward from tauex account

Go to the Outlook Web interface


On the Sign in screen write down your email address, then click Next

write your tauex email address and click Next


On the next screen enter your password and click Sign in

Write your university password and click Sign in


Now you are in the Office 365 web interface. On the left, you will see the Office applications. Click on Outlook.

Go to the Outlook App


After the Web Outlook interface opens click on the Gear icon to get to see the settings and go all the way down and click View all Outlook settings

Go to View all outlook settings


On the popup window click on the Forwarding tab and then click on the box next to Enable forwarding and then type the mail address you want to transfer mails to.

סימון וי על אפשר העברה והזנת כתובת הדוא"ל אליו נרצה להעביר


If you would like to keep a copy of the mails on the server, then click on the box next to  Keep a copy of forwarded messages.

When finished click Save.

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